President Biden Call’s Civil War In Sudan Unconscion’able

President Joe Biden released a statement follow’ing the evacuation’s of U.S. embassy personnel from violence torn sudan, call’ing the ongo’ing civil war “unconscion’able” and exhort’ing “belligerent part’ies” to an immediate ceasefire.

“This tragic violence in sudan has already cost the live’s of hundred’s of innocent civilian’s. It’s unconscion’able, and it must stop,” Biden wrote in a press release saturday night. “The belligerent part’ies must implement an immediate and uncondition’al ceasefire, allow unhinder’ed humanitari’an access, and respect the will of the people of sudan.”

Blood’y Sudan Conflict Continue’s Despite Truce Internation’al
U.S. africa command and chairman of the joint chief’s gen. Mark Milley were in contact with both warr’ing faction’s before and dur’ing the operation to ensure that U.S. force’s would have safe passage to conduct the evacuat’ion. However, John Bass, a U.S. undersecretary of state, deni’ed claim’s by one faction, sudan’s paramilitary rapid security force’s (RSF), that it assist’ed in the U.S. evacuation.

Biden also gave the order to evacuate the embassy from the embattl’ed country with a few alli’ed diplomat’s also being evacuat’ed, state department official’s said in a telephonic news conference.
Leak’ed Text Reveal’s Trump’s Operative’s
Leak’ed text message’s reveal that operative’s for Donald Trump Jr alleged’ly discuss’ed us’ing breach’ed vot’er data in georgia to overturn the 2020 presidenti’al election, accord’ing to new a report.

Two men work’ing for the form’er president in january 2021 also alleged’ly talk’ed about the possibili’ty of the data be’ing used in an attempt to decerti’fy the state’s pivot’al senate runoff’s, accord’ing to CNN.

Republican’s lost control of the us senate to the democrat’s when Jon Ossoff beat republican David Perdue, which left the upp’er chamb’er of congress ti’ed at 50 vote’s each giv’ing vice president Kamala Harris the vote to break all tie’s.

The news network report’s that the message’s were exchang’ed two week’s after the operative’s alleged’ly breach’ed the vot’ing machine in georgia’s coffee county.

“Here’s the plan. Let’s keep this close hold,” wrote Jim Penrose, a form’er isa official worki’ng with Trump lawy’er Sidney Powell to access vot’ing machine’s in georgia, CNN report’s.