They’re Not Above Bribing People To Show Up


Even if you do all the right things to plan the perfect party and get all the invitations out, it never hurts to throw a little added incentive into the mix.

A crafty party host might promise free beer, a guaranteed seat in the hot tub, or simply an introduction to that girl (or boy) you’ve had your eye on. The most exclusive parties even have goodie bags with gifts worth hundreds of dollars.

Similarly, most popular bloggers out there offer a giveaway to entice readers to come check out their site – and to subscribe.

This kind of giveaway can take many forms – guides, videos, courses, manifestos, etc. – but the best ones are practical tools that the reader can apply instantly.

These freebies usually take one of two forms. Either they help solve a specific problem (such as Jon’s Headline Hacks guide for writing killer headlines) or they give the reader a proven strategy for success (such as my 5 Step Guide for Building a Customer Community).



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