They Secretly Talk Their Guests Before The Party


The perfect party host seems to magically know what people want even before the party starts. But of course it’s not magic.

The secret – they do their homework.

Before even starting to plan the party, they hang around popular places their guests gather, making note of every little detail on what makes the group tick.

They might even sneak into other parties to see what’s working well and not so well (Vodka luge – good. Lederhosen – bad).

The bottom line is that a good party host has to give guests what they want – kids want games, wedding guests want to dance and eat, bachelor party guests want… well, you get the point.

So what do the people reading popular blogs want?

Ultimately a successful blog is really a problem-solving service.

Although on the surface this might sound simple, defining the problems you want to solve can be difficult. It’s incredibly easy to get dragged in too many directions.




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