They Get Their Guests Hooked On Highly-Addictive Aubstances


Getting people to show up at a party is one thing.

But once those guests walk through the door, what’s stopping them from turning right back around and heading to the possibly cooler party down the street?

The crafty party host knows exactly what’s required to stop guests from straying.

Maybe it’s a hot new DJ whose killer beats keep dragging them back to the dance floor.

Or it could be a dedicated games room where the console junkies can get their fix.

Or maybe it’s even a little something special in the hot, fresh brownies coming out of the kitchen.

Whatever it is, the host must offer something that makes staying at that party irresistible.

And that’s the same way you want people to feel about your blog.

When you read a post from a popular blogger, you hang on every word because they take the time to get it right.

Instead of posting every random thought that comes in their head, they spend hours (sometimes much longer) coming up with the perfect idea and seducing you with perfectly crafted prose.

Their openings slap you in the face and each subsequent sentence deftly moves you through the piece like an enchanting spell.

And when you reach the end, you’re left craving more.



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