They Don’t Invite Just Anyone


I wouldn’t invite my grandma to a bachelor party.

It’s not that I don’t love her; she just wouldn’t find it interesting.

Ok, she’d probably be horrified.

But if I try and throw a party that pleases everyone, I’ll end up pleasing no one.

The same is true for blogs.

Popular bloggers know they can’t do everything for everyone. Content one audience finds invaluable is likely to be totally irrelevant for another – or even worse, it will turn them away.

That’s why popular bloggers concentrate on delivering content to a specific niche.

Now, that doesn’t mean they’re all the same sort of people (that would be kind of boring).

Just like at a great party, bringing together people from different worlds is part of what makes popular blogs so appealing.

The audience should, however, share something in common – a dream, a desire, a mission – that can help build a sense of shared purpose between blogger and reader.

Let’s take Jon, for example…

Lots of people have blogs, so visitors to Smart Blogger could be marketers, artists, cooks, history buffs, or numerous other things.

But whatever their topic, they all share the desire to build an audience.

Jon is guided, as are his readers, by a sincere desire to satisfy this shared need.

It’s the building block of his community.

And people love him for it.

So before you write your next blog post, take some time to figure out who you are writing for and what your shared purpose with them will be.

And be prepared to shut the door on anyone else.




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