They Aren’t Afraid To Jump In The Pool


You know who I’m talking about. The sort of person who’s desperate to make sure everyone else is having fun, but doesn’t seem to be having any fun themselves.

Whether it’s a party or a blog, people take their lead from the host and if they’re not having a good time, it’s difficult for everyone else to relax and let go.

And on a blog, readers want to feel a connection with the blogger.

They want to be moved.

They want to laugh.

They want to cry.

But, more than anything, they want to have fun.

Jon once said that being a popular blogger is less like being a teacher and more like being a street performer.

It’s true.

Almost every popular blogger I’ve ever seen has one thing in common: charisma.

Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.

So don’t.

Admit to your flaws and don’t be afraid to laugh at your own dumb mistakes.

Share amusing stories from your own life once in a while so people can see the human being behind the blog.

Take opportunities to show your playful side, whether that’s through what you share on social media, how you respond to comments on your blog or even how you describe yourself on your About page.

If you’re not afraid to jump in the pool, chances are people will jump in with you.


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