September CDO

After a summer of planning and anticipating meeting the latest group of Sagehens – the class of 2019—the Career Development Office is back in full swing. We enjoy lunch most days with a sponsor group as our guests at the Career Center as we aim to make our new students feel at home in a place they will visit often. The days seem to fly since we are busy assisting other students with their fellowship applications, resume reviews for employer deadlines, and interns with onboarding for their new Pomona College Internship Program (PCIP) opportunity. Students learn quickly that the CDO has much to offer no matter their interests.

Sharing our excitement for the new academic year has been an array of alumni coming to provide career information with students as they prepare for either the job market or additional education. Alumni visits often coincide with their industry recruiting cycle, which gives our students a competitive edge as they consider their many options for the future. Check this link for reference to a predictable recruiting cycle.

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