Peer Mentoring Support for Your Student

Considering that the first Sponsor Program occurred back in 1927, it is easy to see why Pomona has had a long history of student-to-student mentoring.

Students support each other in ways very different than that of an advisor since student mentors have gained wisdom from recent experience through firsthand lessons. Sagehens are sincere in their desire to help each other, and this has inspired a trend of peer helpers across campus for both social and academic support.

The first year of college is a challenge for most. Many students believe their situation is different from the majority of other students for a variety of reasons. As a result, mentor groups have developed organically by the students themselves, with mentors engaging with mentees individually, in groups, through program-sponsored workshops, and/or social events.

Many sophomores choose to become peer mentors, extending support to new students as a result of the support they received as first-years.

In following years, some mentors choose to build upon this experience by becoming head mentors who provide leadership for the mentor group. Since the mentor groups are decentralized by theme, head mentors work closely with Dean Ric Townes for setting training and program goals, ongoing program evaluation, and in achieving an understanding of effective team building strategies.

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