Developing Leaders Pomona College

Becoming an effective, capable leader can be difficult. It takes self-awareness, the ability to motivate others, and self-confidence to influence change. From internships to student government to student-run organizations, Pomona offers many opportunities for emerging leaders to hone their skills, both inside and outside the classroom. The 4/7 Leadership Program takes these varied building-block experiences and helps students assemble them into intentional leadership practices that can be applied beyond their life at Pomona College.

Based on The Social Change Model for Leadership Development, the 4/7 Program recognizes that leadership is a purposeful, collaborative process that results in positive social change. Leadership is not just a position or a title, but it’s about influencing change on behalf of others.

A large focus of the program is on personal reflection. An underlying assumption of the program is that learning takes place when students are given the time and structure to think critically about their experiences. The goal is to help students become more intentional and thoughtful about how they use their influence among their peers, on campus, and beyond.

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