The 5 Stage’s Of The Creative Process

In 1940, an advertis’ing executive nam’ed james webb Young publish’ed a short guide titl’ed, A Technique for produc’ing idea’s. In this guide, he made a simple, but profound statement about generat’ing creative idea’s.

Accord’ing to young, innovative idea’s happen when you develop new combination’s of old element’s. In other word’s, creative think’ing is not about generat’ing someth’ing new from a blank slate, but rather about tak’ing what is already present and combin’ing those bit’s and piece’s in a way that has not been done previous’ly.

Most important, the ability to generate new combination’s hinge’s upon your ability to see the relationship’s between concept’s. If you can form a new link between two old idea’s, you have done something creative.

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