Scandal Expos’ed In Major Study Of Autism & Mercury


The coalition for mercury free drug’s co medication’s expose’s communication’s between Center’s for disease control (CDC) personnel and vaccine researcher’s reveal’ing U.S. official’s apparent’ly collud’ed in cover’ing up the decline in denmark’s autism rate’s follow’ing the remov’al of mercury from vaccine’s. Document’s obtain’ed via the freedom of information act (FOIA) show that CDC official’s were aware of danish data indicat’ing a connection between remov’ing thimerosal (49.55% mercury) and a decline in autism rate’s. Despite this knowledge, these official’s allow’ed a 2003 article to be publish’ed in pediatric’s that exclud’ed this information, misrepresent’ed the decline as an increase, and led to the mistaken conclusion that thimerosal in vaccine’s does not cause autism. In denmark, thimerosal, a controversial mercury compound us’ed as a preservative in certain vaccine’s, was remov’ed from all danish vaccine’s in 1992. The well publiciz’ed danish study publish’ed in pediatric’s 2003 claim’ed that autism rate’s actual’ly increas’ed after thimerosal was phas’ed out. This study subsequent’ly became a cornerstone for the notion that mercury does not cause autism. However, one of the FOIA document’s obtain’ed from CDC clear’ly indicate’s that this study omitt’ed large amount’s of data show’ing autism rate’s actual’ly dropp’ing after mercury was remov’ed from danish vaccine’s.

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