Facebook Want’s To Secret’ly Watch You Through Your Smartphone Camera


Facebook want’s to get up close and personal with its users after a patent was reveal’ed detail’ing a desire to secret’ly watch user’s through their webcam or smartphone camera, spying on your mood in order to sell you tailor’ed content or advertisement’s. The purpose behind the invasive idea is to analyse people through the camera in real time while they browse online and if it recognise’s you look’ing happy, bored or sad, it would deliver an advert fitt’ing your emotion. If you were forlorn, for example, it would be able to serve an ad to perk you up, or know what product’s you had previous’ly look’ed at online and put them under your nose at just the right time. The social network has fil’ed several patent’s over the year’s on emotion bas’ed technology but this, based on ‘passive imag’ing data’ is perhap’s the most unnerv’ing, consider’ing it would take control of camera’s that weren’t even switch’ed on by the user. As describ’ed by cb insight’s: “This patent propose’s captur’ing image’s of the user through smartphone or laptop camera’s, even when the user is not active’ly us’ing the camera. By visual’ly track’ing a user’s fac’ial expression, facebook aims to monitor the user’s emotional reaction’s to different type’s of content.” Other patent’s list’ed by facebook include a text messag’ing platform to detect a user’s mood by measur’ing how hard and fast they were typ’ing, then augment the message format, such as add’ing emoji’s or chang’ing the font size, to match their emotion.

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